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Year 2

The Year 2 team

2.1 Miss McGrath (Head of wing)

2.2 Mrs Williams (Head of year)

2.3 Miss Lewis


The Year 2 staff would like to welcome all parents,guardians, family and friends to our school website and look forward to sharing your children's successes with you.  We aim to regularly update our webpage with important events and dates so you are able to check on will be happening on a daily/weekly basis.



PE takes place every Monday morning.  Please ensure children are suitably dressed for indoor PE sessions during the Autumn Term.



Reading books are sent home daily and we wish to see them daily to support pupils in a mission to get everyone reading independently by the time they leave Year 2.  We have a Lego initiative in class so that we can see the children's reading accelerating through the reading levels.


Learning Logs go home each term and is linked to our Topic work.


Letters and Sounds homework goes home fortnightly so you can see which sounds or blends they are learning and to encourage them to use this knowledge when they are reading at home to you.


Short videos are uploaded weekly to prepare pupils for their learning the following week, this is placed within the flipped learning folder.



Good behaviour is rewarded with pom pom, giving the children the opportunity to receive a prize once their plant pot is full.  Stickers are also awarded.  Children also receive 'Seren Cymraeg' ticks when making an effort to speak incidental welsh through out the day and one child each week will take home the welsh diary to fill and share their weekends with the class.


Diolch yn fawr, thank you!


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Christmas concert words

Christmas Concert songs

The Stars Are Coming Out

Christmas Concert

Send Me On My Way

Christmas Concert

Boogie Woggie Santa


Why won't it snow


Christmas Tree song


Christmas Dinner is a winner